Parker Kuivila

Full Stack & Mobile Developer
ECE & CS Major | Duke University

About Me

Hi, I'm Parker. I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Lowe's working on the Supply Chain & Distribution Team. Previously, I've worked at Khan Academy, Microsoft (Bing), Wayfair, and do some development for personal projects when I have the time. I currently reside in Boston, MA. I enjoy backpacking, camping, skiing, and the outdoors in general - as well as tinkering with electronics.

I graduated from Duke University with degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Computer Science in 2013.

I run a consulting firm on the side,, and do freelance development work as well.


These are some of the things I've made, project pages with more detail will be available soon.


A program that blocks websites. Helps prevent distractions.

32 Bit Processor

Fully functional 32-bit RISC processor written in VHDL.

Tiger to MIPS Compiler

A MIPS compiler for the Tiger language, written in SML-NJ

Smart Solar Cooker

Arduino based autonomous solar cooker

Vending Machine

VHDL based vending machine program

RFID Inventory

Independant Study

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me about anything. Ask a question, give feedback, inquire about my services, or just say hello!